The Cycling Ulster Women’s Commission funded a number of spaces on last weekends Ride Leader course for Ards Cycling Club, Portadown Cycling Club and Belfast City Bmx Club who are taking part in this year’s Women on Wheels programme which is launching soon, as well as spaces for members to lead club runs and Community Bike Rides.

The Women on Wheels programme will deliver a Bike for Life programme to a group of beginner women over a minimum of six weeks with up to two sessions per week.

The goal of the course is that the group can join in with a club bun run at the end.

The programme is designed to introduce them to group riding, bike skills and progressively improve fitness over the weeks.

The first session is an informal meet up, bike check, discussion on group riding, what to wear/carry and explanation of the upcoming programme.

The clubs will meet up at the end of the programme and ride the ‘Tour of Monaghan’ sportive together.

More information will be updated soon.

We are looking forward to introducing more women to cycling.