CI Programmes

To find out more on the Cycling Ireland programmes listed below or to see how your club can train instructors and run a programme, please contact Cycling Ulster’s Development Officer, Gary Lavery by e-mailing 

Sprocket Rocket is Cycling Ireland’s fun skills programme where children aged 5 to 12 are taught four FUNdamental cycling skills by qualified Sprocket Rocket Instructors. The Sprocket Rocket Programme was  originally developed by BMX Australia.

My child just loved Sprocket Rocket, loved being with the other kids. They certainly progressed over the 8 weeks e.g. knowledge of bike parts and bike skills have improved. The plank was the biggest challenge but they loved it”. Parent of Sprocket Rocket participant

Sprocket Rocket focuses on delivery to youths aged 5 to 11 years old, although it can be delivered successfully to anyone of any age. The programme focuses on 4 main skills; Cornering, Pedalling, Braking and Balance. Throughout the Sprocket Rocket Programme the cyclist is brought through three progressions in each of these skills. It is ideal for learning and developing skills and can be delivered by clubs, teachers, parents or anyone else involved with young cyclists. You can become a Sprocket Rocket instructor after just a one day course!

Gearing Up Off Road is Cycling Ireland’s mountain bike skills programme, designed to develop the skills needed to safely and competently enjoy mountain biking. It is an action packed and fun programme aimed at beginner and intermediate riders.

How long is the Gearing Up Off Road Programme?
The programme is designed to be as flexible as possible with a variety of options available:
One off taster sessions to give you a flavour of the programme
Weekly over 6 to 9 weeks, with sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours.

Camp, over a period of 2 to 5 days.

Split Delivery, run as two distinct courses i) Beginner MTB Skills Course and ii) Intermediate MTB Skills Course

What will you learn in Gearing Up Off Road?
As well as learning cycling skills, you will also build confidence, develop teamwork and learn about respect and enjoyment for the outdoors.
Some of the skills learned include: Bike check & set up, getting on & off your bike, braking & controlling your speed, using gears, shifting your weight on the bike, awareness, cornering, front & rear wheel lift, trackstand, puncture repair and maintenance, cleaning & looking after your bike and most importantly putting all the skills together so you can hit the trails!

This is a “sofa to saddle” cycling programme that caters for all cyclists, from the person who has just rediscovered their bike, to the more accomplished rider who wants to take on greater challenges.

The skills and knowledge gained in this programme will make the world of cycling more accessible to everyone, with the main focus being on learning skills, enjoying the bike and meeting new like-minded people.

Delivered by qualified coaches, the  programme brings the cyclist on a journey of learning, where they are educated on the various skills, aspects and components of cycling in a safe, welcoming and social environment.

What will you learn?

  • Preparing for a Bike Ride: What to wear, what to bring.
  • Riding Safely on the Road: Basic road skills, advanced road skills, riding in the dark.
  • Riding as a Group: Riding in pairs, riding as a group, group riding etiquette.
  • Using Shared Facilities: Riding in low volume traffic, riding in higher volume traffic.
  • Bike Handling Skills
  • Nutrition & Hydration: Basic requirements, requirements for a cyclist.
  • Bike Repair & Maintenance: Basic bike maintenance
  • Training for your Riding Goals: Getting Started, going further and cycling challenges.