Membership Development Officer

Gary Lavery is the Membership Development Officer for Cycling Ulster. His role is to help and support all cycling clubs new and existing in several key areas including:

  • Delivery of membership participation programmes like; Bike 4 Life, Ride Leader and other new Cycling Ireland initiatives aimed at cyclists in the Ulster region.
  • Support the formation and development of new and existing cycling clubs.
  • Communicating with existing cycling clubs on the implementation of the best practice development model for the sport.
  • Planning, organising and hosting club development workshops for all current club coaches and club personnel and the identification, training and development of new club coaches and club leaders in Ulster.
  • To support and help clubs with funding applications and information on funding opportunities for clubs.
  • To support and give advice to clubs on “Safeguarding” in the sport and the AccessNI application processes.
  • Supporting clubs in the development of key partnerships with; local authorities, schools and other interest groups that will increase the development of cycling in Ulster.
  • Answer enquiries from schools, local authorities and other interest groups in relation to Cycling Ireland Programmes in partnership with their local Cycling Club.
  • Answer enquiries from clubs in relation to club structure, development and best practice guidelines.

Clubs can contact Gary by e-mailing