Ben Walsh of the Nicolas Roche Performance Team proved to be the strongest rider in the 30th edition of the Newry 3 Day over the weekend. Walsh took the Spin 11 race leader’s yellow jersey on Friday evening after winning the opening stage in Warrenpoint which was sponsored by Haldane Fisher. Despite having just one team mate for the weekend, Walsh managed to defend a slender lead over Powerhouse Sport’s Adam Ward and the promoting club’s Mark McKinley on Saturday and Sunday’s stages.

Stage two which was based in Hilltown and sponsored by Cycling Ulster and stage three which began and finished in Newry and sponsored by Plumbmaster both ended in large bunch sprints with Liam Wilson (Powerhouse) and John Buller (Banbridge CC) stepping forward for stage victories.

Walsh also lifted the Killowen Contracts junior classification jersey while second placed finisher in both the overall and junior categories, Ward had the consolation of the PKF-FPM climber’s jersey. Harvey Barnes (David McCall Foundation) won the McKinley Contracts points jersey after a strong display of sprinting during the primes on offer throughout the weekend. Both Ward and Barnes are showing fine form ahead of representing the province in the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas later this month.

Final General Classification

1 Walsh, Ben NRPT 6h38m16s
2 Ward, Adam Powerhouse @5s
3 McKinley, Mark Newry Wheelers @6s
4 Bingham, Alan Cuchulainn @12s
5 Downey, Ethan Clann Eireann @14s
6 Woods, Des Newry Wheelers @34s
7 Clayton, Nick Halesowen AC @36s
8 Weir, Nathan Harps CC
9 O’Neill, Gareth Newry Wheelers
10 Magowan, Gavin Dromara CC @1m54s
11 Wilson, Liam Powerhouse @1m55s
12 McCarter, Caolam Omagh Wheelers @1m56s
13 Barnes, Harvey Davy McCall @1m57s
14 Buller, John Banbridge CC @1m59s
15 Morton, John Harps CC
16 Rooney, Fergus Phoenix CC @2m00s
17 Fotheringham, Patrick Halesowen AC @2m01s
18 Halvey, Conor NRPT
19 Doherty, Robbie Davy McCall
20 Sweetman, Craig Stamullen Road Club
21 Flanagan, Brendan Powerhouse
22 Craven, Niall Stamullen Road Club
23 Thompson, Michael Bann Wheelers
24 Kearney, Edward Phoenix CC
25 McKnight, David TVR
26 Coleman, Mark Orchard Wheelers
27 Cunningham, Stephen TVR
28 McKenna, Barry Fintona CC
29 McAllister, Matthew Davy McCall
30 Webb, Johnny North Down CC
31 Landers, Sean Stamullen Road Club
32 Morrison, Peter Velo Café Magasin
33 Burnside, Dean Island Wheelers
34 Douglas, Brandon TVR
35 McElderry, Colin Bann Wheelers
36 Hanthorn, Aaron Orchard Wheelers
37 Mitchell, Brian Harps CC
38 Carey, Shaun North Down CC
39 Carson, Ian Ards CC
40 Boyle, Tony VC Glendale
41 Adams, Kyle Ards CC
42 Magee, Fergal Apollo CT
43 Bleeks, Niall Phoenix CC
44 Cunningham, Adam Velo Club Mourne
45 Ferguson, Jack Dromara CC
46 Shearer, Donal Davy McCall
47 Wiley, Aaron Omagh Wheelers
48 Murray, Gareth Ards CC
49 Doogan, PJ Powerhouse @2m13s
50 Gribbon, Ali Carn Wheelers @2m20s
51 Bann Lavery, John Clann Eireann @2m42s
52 Dunwoody, Glenn Orchard Wheelers @2m53s
53 Hughes, Peter Armagh City ACC @3m11s
54 McElderry, Robbie Bann Wheelers @3m22s
55 Colgan, Martin Cuchulainn
56 Graham, Martyn Island Wheelers @3m28s
57 Lynch, Kevin Newry Wheelers @3m41s
58 Heverin, John Clann Eireann @3m43s
59 Watson, Aaron Dromara CC @3m44s
60 Dickson, David Dromara CC @3m49s
61 Doggart, Peter North Down CC @5m25s
62 McRoberts, Johnny Banbridge CC @5m33s
63 Rafferty, Neil Armagh City ACC @6m04s
64 Kendall, Mark Banbridge CC @6m10s
65 Hendron, Cathal Apollo CT @11m28s
66 McGlynn, Michael Omagh Wheelers @12m27s
67 Gray, Alan Cuchulainn @12m28s
68 Lawlor, Chris VC Glendale @13m14s
69 Henry, Joe Velo Café Magasin @13m47s
70 Purdy, Dan Banbridge CC @14m08s
71 McConville, Martin Clann Eireann
72 Withers, Patrick Fintona CC @15m31s
73 Boyle, Gareth North Down CC @16m10s
74 McMinn, Paul Ards CC @16m25s
75 McKenna, Barry Newry Wheelers B @16m32s
76 Farell, Rory Newry Wheelers B @16m41s
77 Tinnelly, Barry Newry Wheelers B @17m04s
78 White, Glenn Stamullen Road Club @17m37s
79 Watson, Colm VC Glendale @17m52s
80 Gribbon, Shea Carn Wheelers @18m21s
81 McAnerney, John James Armagh City ACC @19m44s
82 Lyons, Gary Armagh City ACC @21m25s
83 Fox, Micheal Newry Wheelers B @29m45s

Team General Classification

1 Newry Wheelers 19h56m12s
2 Powerhouse @2m52s
3 Harps CC @3m14s
4 Davy McCall @4m39s
5 Stamullen Road Club @ s/t
6 TVR @ s/t
7 Phoenix CC @ s/t
8 Ards CC @ s/t
9 Clann Eireann @5m15s
10 Orchard Wheelers @5m31s
11 Dromara CC @5m56s
12 Bann Wheelers @6m00s
13 North Down CC @8m02s
14 Banbridge CC @9m51s
15 Cuchulainn @14m40s
16 Omagh Wheelers @15m00s
17 Armagh City ACC @27m03s
18 VC Glendale @29m16s
19 Newry Wheelers B @47m39s

Final Points Classification

1 Barnes, Harvey 31
2 Buller, John 21
3 McKinley, Mark 14
4 Walsh, Ben 11
5 Wilson, Liam 9
6 Ward, Adam 9
7 Clayton, Nick 6
8 Fotheringham, Patrick 6
9 Rooney, Fergus 5
10 Bingham, Alan 3
11 Woods, Des 3
12 Morton, John 3
13 Halvey, Conor 3
14 Lynch, Kevin 3
15 Doherty, Robbie 2
16 Downey, Ethan 1
17 O’Neill, Gareth 1
18 Hendron, Cathal 1

Final Climbers’ Classification

1 Ward, Adam 22
2 Doogan, PJ 15
3 Gribbon, Ali 8
4 Walsh, Ben 8
5 Rooney, Fergus 4
6 Flanagan, Brendan 4
7 Bingham, Alan 2
8 Woods, Des 1
9 Lynch, Kevin 1

Junior Rider Overall

1 Walsh, Ben 6h38m16s
2 Ward, Adam @5s
3 Downey, Ethan @14s
4 Wilson, Liam @1m55s
5 McCarter, Caolam @1m56s
6 Barnes, Harvey @1m57s
7 Buller, John @1m59s
8 Halvey, Conor @2m01s
9 Doherty, Robbie @2m01s
10 Flanagan, Brendan @2m01s
11 McAllister, Matthew @2m01s
12 Ferguson, Jack @2m01s
13 Shearer, Donal @2m01s
14 Wiley, Aaron @2m01s
15 Doogan, PJ @2m13s
16 Watson, Aaron @3m44s
17 McGlynn, Michael @12m27s