The Cycling Ulster Executive would like to thank our members for reaching out to us to voice your concerns regarding the recent changes made by Cycling Ireland in relation to increased cost of a one-day licence and transaction fees. We have received numerous communications via email, telephone and in-person discussions.

Over the last six weeks, the Executive has met with representatives of Cycling Ireland on a number of occasions to discuss the changes and concerns of our members.  This included the Interim CEO and President of the board as well as other members of staff. We appreciate these changes were brought about without fore warning or consultation with members. We explained the negative impact these changes will have on our members who organise events and the potential impact of decreased participation in our sport across the island. We advocated very strongly for Cycling Ireland to reverse these decisions and open a consultation process with members.

Unfortunately our efforts have not been successful. To say we are extremely disappointed is an understatement, however, we will continue to work constructively with Cycling Ireland on this matter and they have committed to keep this under review throughout the year. We are sorry not to bring better news at this time and we do wholly understand the difficulties you face as a result of these decisions.

We want to call on all event organisers and promoters to share feedback with us on numbers attended and comparison of one day licence uptake from last year. We really value the work that you do to organise high quality sporting experiences and none of us want to see a decrease in participation.

Cycling Ulster Executive