The statement released on 7th September by Cycling Ulster.

“The Cycling Ulster Executive have received a number of enquiries in relation to selection for the Irish squad at the upcoming road world championships.

“While Cycling Ulster has no role in the selection of the national team, we have requested a meeting with the Board of Cycling Ireland to discuss matters put forward by some of our members involved.”


Cycling Ulster Executive representatives met with the Cycling Ireland Board on 14th September to discuss recent issues surrounding the selection process of Cycling Ireland High Performance teams.
From the outset of the meeting, the Cycling Ireland Board stated that they were aware of matters that Cycling Ulster were raising and that they intended to carry out a review of the entire High Performance Unit (HPU).
Cycling Ireland have confirmed that their review of the HPU began on Monday 17th September and will aim to address a number of specific items that Cycling Ulster have raised as part of the review in the coming months.


These items have been listed below.

  •        Conflicts of interest procedure to be implemented for HPU members and reviewed             by the CI Board

  •         HP selection criteria to be reviewed and consideration given to what is globally                   acceptable for HP events

  •         Selection Panel and Appeals Panel structure and make-up to be reviewed in line               with other NGBs and what is considered good practice by other NGBs

  •         Formal minutes to be taken at selection panel meetings by non-selection panel                   member

  •         Long list of riders to be published in advance of selected team for major events

  •         Consideration to be given to an independent Chair to oversee selection panel from             CI Board or one of the Provincial Executive’s

    Cycling Ulster Chairman, Maurice McAllister said:

    “During our meeting with the Cycling Ireland Board, we reflected the feeling from members in Ulster that there was a need for a review and changes to the selection process to ensure greater transparency and accountability.

    “Cycling Ireland have assured us that the matters we have raised will be addressed as part of the review process which has now commenced and that changes will be implemented going forward.”