Rd1 of the Irish National BMX Series saw 46 riders from clubs all over Ulster travelling to Lucan in c.o Dublin to race against the best riders in Ireland last Sunday with riders from as as young 3yrs to 40+.

India Bennett from Lagan village bmx club in Belfast and Jacob Jamison of Belfast City Bmx Club took to the track on their strider bikes with kids from 3-5yrs old where we saw Jacob racing his way to 1st and India to 2nd place.

Tommy Caldwell from BCBC (Belfast city) took a 2nd place with Noah Kelly from Lisburn bmx Club had a great day in the under 6yrs with 4th, 4th, 3rd and 4th giving him 4th overall.

3 riders from BCBC Jamie Harron in his first year under 8 still managed a podium 3rd with Lucas Mooney and Alfie Litter taking a 5th & 7th in their B final. We had 3 riders from Lisburn in the 7-8yrs group Alfie litter, Lewis Eagleson & Finn McConnell, Alfie took 5, 5, 6, 8 & 7th finishing 15th overall.
Lewis had 4, 4, 5, 7 & 4th finishing 12th overall.
Finn took 3 1 2 4 &5th finishing 5th overall.

Female 7-10 only the one rider from the North BCBC’s Lucy Groundwater took 2nd

In the 9-10yrs boys group we had 7 from BCBC Andre Aroga with a 3rd, Luis Reid 5th, Ozzy Doherty 11th, Luca Murray 15th, Jamie Dumigan & Daniel Kelly a close 20th & 21st, Daniel Johnston 25th and 2 Lisburn riders, James Shimmin & James Fulton.
James S had 3 6 3 6 &4th finishing 12th overall
James F had 3 5 5 8 &6th finishing 14th overall.

4 Lisburn boys were racing in the 11-12 boys group, Joshua Eagleson, James McMorrow, Brandon Mallon & Stevie McMorrow.
Josh had 6 4 4 5 & 6 in his races putting him in 14th place.
James had 2 3 3 4 & 8th and 8th overall.
Brandon had 3 2 2 1 & 6th, 6th overall.
Stevie took 8th in all his motos finishing 24th.
Just the one rider from BCBC Martin Groundwater taking a 3rd in his B final to finish 11th

2 Ulster riders were on the gate for the 11-14yrs girls group.
Amy McConnell from Lisburn and Keira Drew from East Coast Raiders Larne.
Amy took 5, DNF due to crash but was back out to take another 2 5ths finishing 5th overall.
Keira took 3rds in all 4 finding herself on the 3rd step.

In the 15+ Ladies group we had 2 girls, Abbigail McKnight from Lisburn and 13yr old Jodie Lynch from East Coast Raiders Larne has decided to race up with the older girls.
Abbigail took 3, 2,2 & 2 finishing 2nd overall.
Jodie took wins in all 4 putting her on top of the leader board.
Nadia from Lagan Villagve in 3rd with Molly Allan BCBC 4th.

In the 13-14yr boys group we had Jay Mackness for Larne’s East Coast Raiders.
Unfortunately Jay went down hard in practice damaging a finger and had to go to hospital so no racing for Jay. We have spoken to him since and thankfully nothing broke and he will be back for rd2.
From BCBC Nicholas Wilkinson took the win in the B final, and 13 year old girl Meg Doherty choose to race up a category for extra competition to take 2nd in the B final

In the 15+ boys group we had another Female rider Kirsty McGuffin from Armagh bmx club and Will Jarvis from Lisburn.
Kirsty is doing great against the boys taking 6 5 & 6th in the motos then taking 2nd in the B final so 10th overall for the day.
Will had 4,4 5 & 8th. 8th overall.

In the 30+ Ladies we had Sorcha McConnell from Lisburn bmx out for her first ever national race.
Sorcha had solid 6ths all day so 6th place overall.

In the 40+ category we had 4 riders, Howard Bennett from Lagan village, Mark Kennedy and George Gordon from Lisburn and Dean McConnell from Armagh bmx club.
Howard took 3, 4, 2, and 4th and found himself in the B final where he easily took the win so 9th overall for the day.
Mark had 2, 3, 1, 3 and 4th in the final 4th overall
George had 2,2,3,2 and 8th, 8th overall.
Dean took 4,3,4,5 and 2nd in the B final. 10th overall.
Ian Hamilton 6th
Peter Johnston 19th

See links below for videos and pics Pictures from BCBC<https://www.facebook.com/pg/BelfastCityBMXClub/photos/?tab=album&album_id=756967714499762> Cork Bmx club<https://www.facebook.com/groups/535912519777652/permalink/1616541275048099/>


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Loads of videos from Lisburn Bmx club

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Superclass 4th moto<https://www.facebook.com/456233284427884/videos/1828567643861101/>

Full Results<http://www.bmxireland.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-Irish-National-Series-Rd-1-Lucan-Results.pdf>