The 2022 Cycling Ulster Off-road Commission Annual General Meeting will take place online on Monday 17 October 2022 at 7:30 pm. Attendees will need to register in advance (link to register here).
Minutes from the 2021 AGM can be found here.  Please review these as we will need to have these proposed and seconded at the meeting.

Positions on the Commission
The commission will be made up of the following positions. All of the posts are available. The incumbents in the role of Chair, Secretary and three other positions are happy to stay on.

plus up to 6 other positions for commission members

You can put forward nominations for the above posts by following the criteria below. You can also put forward motions, again, using the format below. Nominations and motions for change must be sent to the commission secretary ( by close of play on Monday 10 October 2022. The secretary will confirm receipt of your email.

All nominations must be from a current Cycling Ireland member aged 18 or over. The nomination should read
“I, (your full name), Licence number (your licence number), would like to nominate (full name of candidate) for the position of (position).”
Note: The candidate must be aware of the nomination.

The motions must be put forward by a Cycling Ireland member aged 18 or over and must begin with the line:
“I, (your full name), Licence number (your licence number) would like to put forward the following motion”. Please ensure the motion is clear.
The person who puts forward the motion MUST attend the AGM or their motion will not be heard.

Who can attend?
All members of Cycling Ireland clubs can attend however only nominated delegates from the Ulster clubs are entitled to vote.