The North West Club Support Programme is designed to support sports clubs to build capacity and develop their current infrastructure. Support will be provided in the form of 4 club development
workshops and a mentoring session for clubs wishing to achieve accreditation. The aim of each workshop is to provide information and guidance on a range of issues which are
deemed important by many sports clubs. Club representatives can register for each of the workshops by clicking the links below.

Each workshop is free to attend.

Workshop 1: Growing Your Club 
Wednesday 23rd May. Melvin Sports Complex, Strabane, 7-9pm
People are the key to the success of any club. Whether helping to run the club, taking part in the sporting activities or any number of other tasks, having the right people in place generally means a happier and healthier club.  This seminar covers:  What makes a successful club?  Attracting new members and retaining current membership  Attracting, retaining and rewarding volunteers  Raising your club profile  Promoting your club though social media
Workshop 2: Developing a Club Coaching Philosophy 
Monday 11th June. Waterfoot Hotel, Derry, 7-9pm
Creating a holistic coaching philosophy can provide a clear vision to guide the development of a clubs’ participants and competitors. A club coaching philosophy can assist coaches’ planning and help shape their decision making processes. By communicating an overall philosophy, all club members can begin to gain a deeper understanding of the clubs’ ethos and objectives. This workshop will help clubs identify what their philosophy could look like based on their priorities, principles and overall vision. 
Workshop 3: Sport Club Volunteer Management
Monday 24th September: Waterfoot Hotel, Derry, 7-9pm
This workshop designed to help club recruit, develop and recognise committee members more effectively. It covers key areas that are required to build a strong network of volunteers within your club, specifically committee members, as well as the abundance of helpers who sometimes do the small things that make the big difference. It will give you the opportunity to share your own good practice with others and pick up new ideas. The workshop is aimed at sports club representatives who may have a role in the recruitment, support & development and recognition & reward of club volunteers that the club needs to develop, manage, administrate and lead their club.
Workshop 4: Generating Club Income
Wednesday 14th November. Melvin Sports Complex, Strabane, 7-9pm
Having a realistic and clear understanding of your clubs’ sustainable income can generate a vital ingredient of good financial management. A great way of ensuring your income is sustainable is to get it from a variety of sources including, membership fees, sponsorship fundraising, commercial partnerships and grant funding.
This seminar covers:  Tips and ideas on how to generate income for your club from a range of sources  Advice on how to create partnerships to increase income generation  Guidance on what sponsors and funders are looking for when complete grant applications.