The NEW Cycling Ulster BMX Commission 2017

The first Meeting with Ulster BMX representatives was held at the BHB Safety, Antrim Tuesday 21 February 2017 (7:15 pm – 9:15 pm) 

In Attendance were

(Belfast BMX Club) Paul Manton, Ian Hamilton
(East Coast Raiders BMX Club) John Lyttle, Geoff Lynch, Bill Mackness
(Lagan Village BMX Club) Howard Bennett, Chris Lemon
(Lisburn BMX Club) Steve Bell, Owen Spence, George Gordon
Tommy Lamb (Former Cycling Ulster Chairman)

(Cycling Ulster Executive) Maurice McAllister, Marian Lamb
(Cycling Ulster Off-road Commission) Martin Grimley 
(Cycling Ulster Track Commission) Gary McKeegan

The purpose of the meeting was to get some feedback on what Cycling Ulster could do for the BMX side of the sport, get some input as to how the track commission works and then to look to form a Cycling Ulster BMX Commission,  

Promoting BMX 

The Executive members stressed the need to send results and reports through to Marian Lamb or to Maurice McAllister in order to promote the sport more widely but especially onto the and websites. 

Safeguarding and vetting 

Marian Lamb provided information to the group about how to get members vetting using Access NI and that Cycling Ulster supply a 3 hour, free to charge, training in safeguarding.  Details can be found on 

The Designated Officer course still needs to be done through local councils. 

Capital Sports Grants 

Paul Manton brought the group up-to-date regarding a capital sports grant.  Paul provided some background on the struggles to secure funding for a BMX track.  The latest capital sports grant has to be submitted by the end of February. 

Update on the Lisburn Track… Final planning permission has still not been received but is hoped that this will happen soon.  The council apparently are keen to help promote the track.  More publicity can then be rolled out across the various cycling websites about the track.  Once planning permission has been given the club should inform Cycling Ulster. 

The club is due to host the second round of the winter series next Sunday, will be hosting the Ulster championships and the National Championships later this year. 

Forming a BMX Commission 

It was felt that having a Cycling Ulster BMX Commission would help grow the sport in Ulster, would help with funding applications, and could utilise a budget allocation from the Cycling Ulster Executive. 

The group were given an introduction into the way a budget would have to be administered and how a clear, open and fair system of budget spend needs to be put in place.  Marian Lamb provided 3 USB pen drives which contain documents pertaining to budgets, claim sheets etc.   

Election of members to the BMX Commission 

Martin Grimley conducted the election process.  Expressions of interest were sought from the group to be on the commission.  The 3 key roles were then filled with the other volunteers on as committee members. 

The elected members of the Cycling Ulster BMX Commission are as follows. 

Position Name –
Chair ….Bill Mackness
Secretary ….John Lyttle
Treasurer ….Paul Manton
Commission members
Owen Spence
George Gordon
Geoff Lynch
Chris Lemon
Ian Hamilton 

How other commission’s work 

Gary McKeegan provided details of the Cycling Ulster Track Commission spend for 2016 and a budget breakdown for 2017 in order to provide some guidance for the BMX Commission when it came to creating their own budget.  

Going forward 

The commission would review the documents provided by Marian and compile a proposed budget, to be submitted to the Cycling Ulster Executive for approval.  The budget would be sent to Carl Fullerton, Secretary of the Cycling Ulster Executive. 

The Executive would allocate a representative to the commission who would attend meetings with the role of guidance regarding polices.  CU chairman would arrange to get this fulfilled Maurice McAllister. 

Cycling Ulster Executive members and CU off-road and track commission members stressed that they were there to help and support the new commission where possible.