Congratulations to  Cycling Ulster’s Jean McGinley, James McLaughlin, Gary Rafferty & Dominic McCann who have all recently been confirmed as  having qualified to the ranks of Cycling Ireland National Grade B Commissaires.

The promotion to Grade B, as having been confirmed by the College of Commissaires, follows their time gathering the required experience and knowledge as Trainee Commissaires and so they will already be familiar to those in the Ulster road racing scene.


As preparations for the road season 2017  are already well under way we ask the road racing community join us in wishing the best of luck to all four Commisaires as they assist us in ensuring fair and safe racing on the roads.

A Cycling Ireland Trainee Commissaire course is currently being planned within Ulster for the new year and with the increase of events on the calendar it is more important than ever to ensure we have a suitable number of Comm’s to provide cover and assistance.   As any past or present Comm will confirm the role can be both exciting and interesting for those with a passion for cycling.


Those who are interested in attending the course should contact Cycling Ulster Technical Officer Aaron Wallace  via or +44 (0) 7713 147 968 for more information or to register your place.