At a recent Cycling Ulster Executive meeting it was unanimously agreed that due to the ongoing disruption to normal cycling activities, Cycling Ulster would refund the 2021 provincial members levy of £10//€11 paid by senior members.

The refund will apply to those who join Cycling Ireland before the 1st May. It is hoped that after this date cycling will begin to return to normal with more group rides along with leisure and competitive events taking place.

Speaking following the announcement, Cycling Ulster Chairperson, Tommy McCague said:

“Cycling Ulster has made the decision to refund the membership levy due to the ongoing restrictions that have been caused by Covid-19 which has limited club activities and cycling events during the last year. 

“The levy that members from Ulster pay when joining Cycling Ireland is used to support the initiatives of the Cycling Ulster Executive and Commissions. 

“Cycling Ulster has not been able to organise its usual programmes during the pandemic which has reduced spending and has enabled the Executive to take this step. 

“Refunding the levy to those who join before 1st May will see Cycling Ulster return approximately £35,000 to its members. 

“The Executive understands that some members will not want to avail of this so rather than an automatic refund, an application process has been setup with members able to claim their refund through Eventmaster up until 14th May. Refunds will be made to members after this date when the application process closes.

“This has been a challenging year for everyone however we are hopeful that restrictions will ease as we move towards the summer which will allow all of us to return to the cycling activities and events that we enjoy.”

Those who request a refund will receive an automated email as detailed below

Thank you for requesting a refund of the Ulster Levy. You will receive your refund automatically into your account shortly after 14th May when the application process closes.

Please Note the Following. Refunds are only available to

  1. Those with a 2021 membership of a club in Ulster or registered as ‘Un-Attached Ulster’
  2. Only available to Adult Leisure & competitive membership as there are no Ulster Levies paid on Youth, Junior or Student memberships.
  3. The applicant’s club must be fully affiliated to Cycling Ireland through payment of the Club affiliation fee.

Members can claim their refund by clicking here.