Wanted… Cycling Ulster members – Help to improve and make Cycling Safer!



Cycling Ulster Secretary Carl Fullerton is calling on all our members to get in touch with him TODAY... Email…carlfullerton@hotmail.com….He is asking for expressions of interest to encourage all Cycling Ulster members to look and explore how we can address “SAFETY”
Not only on the roads but how we plan and present our events. Leisure or Racing…everything we do is under scrutiny and we have to make sure that nothing is overlooked. With ever rising costs and Cycling Ireland expected to pay out upwards of £400,000 in Insurance claims in 2017. It has now arrived at the stage of having our house in order is paramount

Every option needs to be addressed and the forming of a “Safety Commission” along with other ideas are on the table for discussion and implementing if agreed as a way to progress.


Over the past weeks, Cycling Ulster has been very active meeting with PSNI, MLA’s and the Government Dept for Infrastructure as well as cyclists and members of the public.
Dunloy CC member and MLA Philip McGuigan said, “There is an awful lot of misconceptions about the rules of the road and the relationship between vehicles and bikes. There needs to be education, publicity campaigns and changes to legislation to ensure that cyclists and vehicular road users are aware of their responsibilities and can coexist.”