Cycling Ulster is currently preparing for the 2021 AGM which is due to take place in November. 

Several Executive positions will become available at this year’s AGM as existing members terms come to an end. The Chairperson, Treasurer, Safeguarding Officer and two Executive Officer positions will be open for nominations. 

Members of the Cycling Ulster Executive have a leading role in ensuring progress for the sport by working with commissions, clubs, Cycling Ireland and external organisations. 

Cycling Ulster has continued to develop in recent years with successful initiatives taking place which has provided investment in facilities and offered opportunities for all types of cyclists to get involved in the leisure and competitive aspects of the sport. There are also several projects that the existing Executive have been working on which new members will be able to move forward over the coming years. 

Nomination forms will be available within the next few weeks.

If you are interested in speaking with any of the current Executive members about these roles, the contact details of the existing members can be found here