Cycling Ulster is encouraging members to be proactive when it comes to highlighting their presence on the road by wearing bright and reflective clothing and using lights.

Chair of the Cycling Ulster Leisure Commission, Joanna Gray stated:

“Cycling Ulster have been engaging with the PSNI in recent years in a number of areas as part of ‘Be Safe – Be Seen’ which has included support for their ‘Operation Close Pass’ and engaging with various Policing Community and Safety Partnerships on road safety projects.  

“The current period of the year means we have less daylight and poor weather conditions also impact on the visibility on our roads, particularly during the winter months.  

“Reports have shown that a cyclist can increase their visibility significantly by wearing reflective clothing so I would encourage our members to be proactive in this area.

“There is also an onus on motorists to ensure safety for all road users so I would also ask them to be respectful and attentive to cyclists and ensure they allow adequate room when overtaking cyclists.”