Information sheet 

What is the Accredited Road Marshal Scheme (ARMS)?  

  • A simple, safe, and cost-effective solution to traffic management for road-based events Allows the safe passing of the road race convoy on the open highway.  
  • By using a “Stop- Cycle Race” or other relevant signage, an Accredited Road Marshals can stop and hold traffic for brief periods.  
  • The power to stop the traffic sits with the ‘Stop’ sign.  
  • Each Accredited Marshal is trained to deploy the sign in a safe and effective way and every accredited marshal will receive a Lantra approved ‘Accredited Road Marshal Scheme’ certificate.  

How will drivers know when AMS is being used on a road race?  

  • Clear “Traffic Control Ahead” signs to warn motorists that there is a control in place ahead, as per the Traffic Sign Regulations.   
  • The positions of these signs/marshal deployments are all highlighted on the Event Safety Plan. 
  • “Caution Cycle Event” Signs or similar information signs can also be positioned around the course to make motorists aware a Cycle Race is happening in the area. The positions of these signs will all highlighted on the course Safety Plan. 
  • All Accredited marshals will be dressed in a high visibility jacket and be holding a ‘Stop’ sign.  
  • The Accredited Marshal Scheme was developed and agreed by members from Cycling Ireland, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and the Department of Infrastructure for NI 
  • The marshals using the sign MUST be trained and will only marshal on authorised events.  
  • They will be in High Visibility Jackets with “Accredited Marshal” printed on the back. 

What does this mean for the Police or other agencies?  

  • Risk assessments have been completed by the event organisers and approved by their governing body, so there is no expectation for the Police to re-risk assess the road closure.  
  • There will be an opportunity for the Police to comment on risk measures in place, should other measures be suggested. These suggestions should be reasonable, necessary, and proportionate.  
  • Road Race applications for Cycling road races will be submitted to the Police by the Event Organiser using the correct application form.  
  • Approval for any Road Race is required from the Police, as per current Cycle Racing on the Highway Legislation  
  • Upon approval, this allows all involved to plan accordingly for the race to go ahead.  
  • Non-compliance with the sign is an offence.  
  • If a driver fails to stop for an accredited Marshal, this will be logged and reported to the local Police Force via 101 once the race has finished, or when safe to do so.  
  • Understanding local police protocol for any reported incidents, will help our volunteer base understand expectations.  
  • All approved Cycling Ireland Road Races are listed on our Events Calendar.

Department of Infrastructure (DfI) 

In NI the DfI have fully supported the scheme and have expanded its coverage to include other road-based events such as Running and Walking.  We are currently working to expand the scheme even further to allow for other events that impact on the local traffic to be managed by volunteers rather than expensive traffic management companies or impact on police resourcing. 

The links below take you to the legislation and signs being used in NI.

Signs used are as below: 

The Chief Constable of the PSNI have signed an MOU approving the scheme and use of the signs as set out in the legislation.