About Mary Peters Trust

The Mary Peters trust is Northern Ireland’s leading sporting charity. It helps young people, both disabled and able bodied, achieve sporting dreams and ambitions. Over the last several years the trust has funded several young cyclists by providing grants that enable the athlete to buy kit, travel to competitions, pay for entrance to events, help with trip costs for warm weather training or provide other funds required to reach the next level.

Cycling Ulster are encouraging young riders, who reside in Ulster to apply for the Mary Peters Trust Awards before Wednesday 6th March at 12.00pm.

Last year there were 27 cyclists who applied for funding with nine being successful and awarded a total of £6000.

Any interested Cycling Ulster member should follow the instructions for applying on the Mary Peters Trust Award website

Full information on the Mary Peters trust and the application process can be found here.

Here is the agreed criteria for Cycling Ulster.

  1. Must be members of Cycling Ulster and reside in Ulster
  2. Closing date will be 12.00 on Wednesday 6 March 2024

All applicants who meet the above criteria will then be scored based on the following:

  1. Junior applicants will be prioritised followed by second year U16
  2. Ability
  3. Plans and ambitions
  4. Those not in receipt of MPT funding in 2023 will score higher than those who did receive funding

Scores are then submitted to MPT for a final decision based on available funding.

Applications for funding must first be sent to the trust and the trust will forward to Cycling Ulster for approval.

Finally, please note that submission of an application is not a guarantee of funding.