Darnell Moore (Caldwell Cycles) stormed to the fastest time at the Ulster 25 miles time trial championship today in Emyvale, Co. Monaghan. The Dromore man recorded a time of 53 minutes 4 seconds, edging out his team mate, Craig McCauley by 20 seconds to take the Elite Men’s title. The home club’s Patrick J McKenna took bronze in the Elite Men’s category. Other category winner’s were Lisa Lamont (Team Madigan) in the Elite Women’s, Jamie Gregg (Dromore CC) in the Junior Men’s, Paul McCarter (Donegal Bay CC) in the M40, John Raffery (North Down CC) in the M50, Dominic Drumm (Bann Whs) in the M60, Jane Wilkinson (Bann Wheelers) in the Women’s Masters and Jim Corbett in the Handcycling. Newry Wheelers lifted the team title.

Cycling Ulster would like to thank Emyvale CC for promoting the event. The time trial took place on a sporting course, a nice change from the dual carriageway courses for the riders. Despite a course adjustment due to unforeseen circumstances late this week, Emyvale put on an excellent event with over 30 marshals dotted along the route ensuring a safe event.

Emyvale CC would like to thank those for their various assistance with the promotion of the time trial, including our own club members, those from the neighbouring Killylough CC and those from further afield involved in the time keeping, Tommy Coyle, Sharon McFarland, James McLaughlin, Siobhan McGrath, Aisling McGrath and Paul Sanders. Also thanks to the PSNI and Gardaí who helped with traffic control and marshalling along the course.

Ulster 25 miles Time Trial Championships 26/08/17, Emyvale CC

Elite Men

  1. Darnell Moore (Caldwell Cycles) 53.04
  2. Craig McCauley (Caldwell Cycles) 53.24
  3. Patrick J McKenna (Emyvale CC) 54.27
  4. Niall Clarke (Newry Whs) 54.54
  5. Sean Featherstone (Newry Whs) 55.04
  6. Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport) 55.35
  7. Christopher Birney (Sportactive) 55.49
  8. Mark Millar (Velo Café Magasin) 58.47
  9. Francis McKenna (Emyvale CC) 59.05
  10. Patrick Withers (Fintona CC) 60.45
  11. Brandon Douglas (West Down Whs) 62.21
  12. Stephen McCann (Emyvale CC) 65.38
  13. Ryan Sheppard (Armagh City) 67.16


  1. Paul McCarter (Donegal Bay CC) 56.10
  2. Kevin Lynch (Newry Whs) 56.55
  3. Martin Sherry (Emyvale CC) 57.09
  4. Ali Gribbon (Carn Whs) 57.19
  5. Johnny Kane (Four Masters CC) 58.57
  6. Daniel Daly (Phoenix CC) 59.20
  7. Michael Reilly (Cavan) 60.02
  8. John Ferrity (Island Whs) 60.28
  9. Barry Hayes (Island Whs) 61.21
  10. Adrian Devine (Saddle Rock CC) 61.55
  11. Mark Skeath (Emyvale CC) 62.06
  12. Brian Kelly (Four Masters CC) 64.36
  13. Dara McKenna (Emyvale CC) 64.41
  14. Brendan Rowe (Navan RC) 64.56
  15. Dermot Donaghy (Island Whs) 80.08


  1. John Rafferty (North Down CC) 58.01
  2. Noel McLaughlin (Island Whs) 59.55
  3. Chris Wheeler (Team Madigan) 63.23
  4. James Lemon (North Down CC) 66.17


  1. Dominic Drumm (Bann Whs) 61.41
  2. Albert Douglas (Team Madigan) 64.51
  3. Eamonn Toland (Strabane Lifford CC) 69.23

Junior Men

  1. Jamie Gregg (Dromore CC) 65.15

Elite Women

  1. Lisa Lamont (Team Madigan) 64.07
  2. Sharon McKenna (Emyvale CC) 68.01

Masters Women

  1. Jane Wilkinson (Bann Whs) 64.36
  2. Karen Hull (Phoenix CC) 66.43
  3. Joanne Regan (Bike House CC) 66.49
  4. Gillian Orr (North Down CC) 68.54


  1. Jim Corbett (Unattached) 85.06
  2. Darrell Erwin (Ballymena RC) 86.12