The Cycling Ulster Youth Academy (CUYA) have announced the launch of an online Zwift school with the first scheduled ride taking place on Monday 13th April and taking place for six weeks.

This is open to all CU youth members with Stephen Gallagher of Dig Deep Coaching assisting the CUYA. Stephen will take the riders on a group ride with an informative chat along the way. Feed back will be required and homework will need to done!  Fridays will be race specific efforts and drills.  

Initially this will be for all U12/U14/U16 riders and no riders will be dropped . Riders can choose which sessions they want to take part in. The CUYA may introduce to other specific age groups.

To get involved riders will need to email their name, Zwift account username and their type of turbo trainer to Riders need to have a Zwift account, Zwift accounts for youth is free but with the current circumstances it is taking a little longer to verify new accounts, so you should apply as soon as possible online by clicking here. Riders do not need to have a smart trainer just speed/cadence sensor that is compatible with Zwift.

Please search for Stephen Gallagher (Dig Deep Coaching) on Zwift and add him as a friend. You will need to Download DISCORD app  which will be used for the conversation with Stephen, you will be sent a link from Stephen for this 

First ride will be Monday 13th April 18.00. If you have any queries please contact

12/04/20 UPDATED details of first ride from Dig Deep Coaching’s Stephen Gallagher:

Hi everyone. Firstly, like to thank Peter Brown and Glenn Dunwoody who come up with the idea to develop some sort of ‘virtual’ training to incorporate all the Ulster Youth Academy.

The aim of the next 6 weeks is to give you all some focus week to week and maintain the fun element of cycling and helping you all learn about different aspects of training and racing. We will use the Discord App to allow us to communicate during the rides (links below to join me)

The general running each week will go as follows.

Monday evening 6-7pm: ‘No Drop Ride’ meaning a ride that allows everyone to keep together, no matter the effort level. Monday’s will be focused on being social and us picking a topic each day to discuss and learn about. We may also have the odd ‘special guest’ from the cycling world to join us during the 6 weeks.

Friday morning 8-9am: ‘No Drop Ride’ + Intensity free riding. This will be a ride that starts as ‘no drop’ for the initial warm up/intro. Then we will move into some specific work where everyone can ride to their own level on certain climbs/laps. The courses will change each week and we will focus on different intensities each week also.

I will put up info the day before each ride for all to see so we know what’s on the agenda.

I have ‘linked’ to a number of the Ulster Youth riders on Zwift, if you have not had an invite from me before Monday at lunch time then please drop me a message here.

As I said earlier, we will use the Discord App to communicate during the rides. I would ask you all to be familiar with this app as it will be our only way to communicate. Once I have everyone linked to me I will initiate the ‘group call’ at 6pm once we are ready to leave. Please click this link to join with my channel Monday evening-

As you are all aware, we are at the mercy of technology for all this to run smoothly. I am sure at times technology will let us down, that said we will endeavour to do our best and learn new ideas and better formats to help all the riders as we build through the coming weeks. Appreciate your patience with it all.

Thanks to all for taking time to download the relevant apps and join me on Zwift.