Ballymena Road Club hosted the 2019 Ulster Road Race Championships yesterday (Sunday). James Curry (Team Dan took victory in the Senior/Junior Men’s combined race with Eileen Burns taking the honours in the Senior/Junior/Masters women’s race. The podiums of the various categories can be seen below.

Senior/Junior Men

  1. James Curry (Team Dan
  2. Donal Shearer (Phoenix CC)
  3. Craig McAuley (Team Caldwell Cycles)

Team: Caldwell Cycles (McAuley, Darnell Moore, Angus Fyffe)

Junior Men

  1. Chris Donald (Team Madigan)
  2. Sean Óg Harrigan (Foyle CC)
  3. Paul Antoine Hagan (Banbridge CC)

M40 Men

  1. Gareth McCullough (Armagh Down CC)
  2. Alan Bingham (Newry Wheelers)
  3. Drew McKinley (Newry Wheelers)

Team: Newry Wheelers (Bingham, McKinley, Kevin Lynch)

Masters M50

  1. Des Woods (Newry Wheelers)
  2. Alastair Robinson (Bann Wheelers)
  3. Henry O’Neill (Newry Wheelers)

Team: Newry Wheelers (Woods, O’Neill, Martin Lynch)

Masters M60

  1. Brian Hannon (Banbridge CC)
  2. Chris Wheeler (Team Madigan)
  3. Colin McGeady (Cornerstone CC)

Senior/Masters/Junior Women Combined

  1. Eileen Burns (Ballymena RC)
  2. Katharine Smyth (Ballymena RC)
  3. Theresa Power (Newry Wheelers)

Team: Ballymena RC (Burns, Smyth, Laura Campbell)

Women’s Masters

  1. Smyth
  2. Power
  3. Ciara Havern (Newry Wheelers)

Junior Women

  1. Ciara Kelly (North Pole CC)