The Cycling Ulster Executive have confirmed the details for the 2023 AGM and the notice can be seen below, this has also been emailed to club secretaries.

The meeting will take place at 7.30pm sharp on Thursday 9th November at the Quinn’s Corner, 175 Ballygawley Rd, Dungannon BT70 1RX

Register your attendance here

Club Delegates

Club delegates should ensure they have their Cycling Ireland membership details with them as they will be required to register before being admitted to the AGM.

Clubs are entitled to delegates for the AGM based on the size of their membership as outlined below.

Membership Delegates
6 – 19 2
20 – 49 3
50 – 99 4
100 5

One extra delegate per club for every 100 members (eg. A club with 300 members will be entitled to have 7 delegates).

 Nominations and Motions

All nominations and motions to be addressed at the AGM must be submitted to the Cycling Ulster Secretary, Paul Sanders at by close of business on Thursday 26th October 2023.

Nominations must have the knowledge and support of the nominee. Motions must be made by the clubs and have the approval of the club.

Club of the Year and Volunteer of the Year

Nomination forms for Club of the Year and Volunteer of the Year must be submitted Thursday 26th October 2023 to

 All nomination and motion forms can be downloaded below

Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form

Club of the Year Nomination Form

AGM Motions Nomination Form

AGM Nomination Form

Agenda for Cycling Ulster Annual General Meeting

Chairperson’s Address – Tommy McCague

Ordinary Business

  1. To adopt the attached standing orders for the orderly conduct of the AGM
  2. To consider the minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting
  3. To receive the Treasurer’s Financial Update
  4. To receive reports from Cycling Ulster Executive Officers and Commissions and/or Office bearers
  5. To elect the following Officers to the Executive
    • Safeguarding Officer (Three Year Term) –
    • Executive Officer (Two Year Term) – Incumbant James McLaughlin
    • Executive Officer (Two Year Term) – Incumbant Pamela Ward
    • Executive Officer (Two Year Term) – Incumbant Stephen Connolly

Close of Business


Standing Orders for 2023 Cycling Ulster AGM

  1. The mover and seconder may speak but any subsequent amendment must be moved, seconded before discussion is allowed.
  2. Members shall be permitted to speak only once.
  3. The right of reply shall be held by movers of motions and amendments following which the motion shall be put.
  4. Such replies shall be confined to answering previous speakers and shall not introduce new matter into the discussion.
  5. On points of order, the Honorary Chairperson’s decision shall be final, but he shall not refuse to consider such same.
Competent amendments are
To amend the motion;
To adjourn debate;
To put the question;
To move to next business.