Cycling Ulster competed in the Inter-Regional MTB Championships in England over the weekend with all of Ulster riders performing brilliantly over a longer than previous, 3 day, tournament. We had:

Keela: only 12 years old and first time racing for more than 30 minutes. She was our top placed girl in both skills competitions.

Erin: showed her usual grit and determination in every event. Our expert at the Dirt Crit, finishing and amazing 12th overall, and inventor of the Mini Nip!

Katie: once again, Katie was the life and soul of the team. She hadn’t raced XC all season but really pulled it out of the bag to finish strong in all events.

Darcey: the Pro! Having performed at a high level, her race routine is perfected. All riders should be this organised! A fantastic 15th place finish in the XC race.

Travis: the youngest of our boys. He gave stand out performances every time but always pushed himself to do even better next time. Definitely one to watch!

Dean: the quiet one, but just watch his line choice while he picks his way through the other riders. Got us off to a fantastic start in the team relay.

Darren: the power house – superb performances in the team relay, where he brought us up to 5th, and the XC, with a 15th place finish in a highly competitive field.

Ryan: the talk of the other teams as the only rider in the whole competition to have bagged a perfect score in BOTH skills competitions.

With a lot of hard work and determination, the team finished 8th overall and did themselves and us all proud.

Many thanks to the whole team for making it happen: Martin, Dylan, Gareth McK, Nicola, Graham and Gareth S.