Cycling Ulster youth riders attended the Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow last week for some indoor track training time.

Describing the weekend, a member of the squad said:

“We would like to thank Cycling Ulster for giving us this opportunity to get more experience on the indoor track.  We would especially like to thank Nicola, Paul and Doreena for giving up their weekend for our benefit.  We arrived at the Velodrome at 9am on Sunday morning.  We had two different sessions, the first was mainly focusing on sprint work.  This involved 2, 6 lap dashes to replicate the end of a race.  The sprint session lasted for two hours.

“The second session was again 2 hours long and focused on Endurance.  We did ‘catch the snake’ where the riders were split into two groups half a lap apart.  When the coach blew the whistle the rider at the front of each group had to sprint and try to catch the back of the other group as quickly as possible.  Next we practised skills needed for Madison and general skills needed for riding the indoor track.

“We are all very grateful for this opportunity to be able to travel to Glasgow and gain some more valuable indoor experience.”