…Selection Criteria… 

  1. Strategy
    The Long term aim of the Cycling Ulster representative team selections for 2017 is to help raise the overall standard of racing in Ulster by providing additional high-level competitive opportunities.
  1. The Selection Panel
    The selection panel will be comprised of the Cycling Ulster road commission. The Panel may co-opt extra panel members as necessary.
    The team will be selected on a discretionary basis by the selection panel.
  1. Selection Criteria
    3.1. Riders will be scored based on the following areas for each event:
    0 – Current Health
    1 – Deemed to have the most potential to benefit from the experience of the event offered,
    2 – Most in need of enhanced competition program.
    3 – Expected to perform best in given events.
    4 – Having mentoring value to aid younger riders.
    5 – With the potential to return the experience gained to cycling within Ulster.
    6 – Showing most commitment to Cycling Ulster teams. Selections will consider the full season effects of each race for each rider.
  • The panel may elect to take fewer than the maximum number of permitted riders for the event.
  • If a selected rider is unable to compete for any reason, substitute selections will be at the discretion of the selection panel.
  • There is no right of automatic selection nor will any performance in one competition be a definitive factor in selecting one rider over another.
  • When making its decision, the selection panel will in conjunction with the rest of the selection criteria consider results in the time period for events as set out below.



Selection Events Period

Tour of the North (15th -17th April)


Cicle Classic (23rd  April)


Tour of Ulster (29th April – 1st  May)


Lincoln GP (TBC 14th  May)


An Post Rás (21st -28th  May)


Junior Tour of Ireland (10th-16th July)


Junior Tour of Wales (26th -28th August)


3.5.2. Results achieved will be weighted in preference as outlined below:
1) UCI ranked events
2) International events
3) National events

4) Local events

  • The selection panel will take account of the quality of the field, any other relevant information when considering results.
  • For new seniors, the panel may consider previous years junior racing results.
  • Documented training performances or physiological test data in the last 6 months before given event.
  • Any other points that the selection panel deems necessary.
  1. Reserves:
    Following selection of riders that will make up the team, the selection panel will also consider reserve places.
  1. Testing
    Selected riders may be required to undergo an assessment (physiological, medical etc.) in the period between the selection date and the event. This will be to confirm fitness following injury, illness or a period of marked underperformance.