Entry for the 2020 George Rooney Phoenix GP and Travers Engineering GP is now open.

Phoenix GP – Sunday 8th March

The Phoenix CC promotion takes place on Sunday 8th March, entry is on a first come, first served basis with a limit on the entries for each race, riders are urged to submit their entry as soon as possible. Click here to go to the pre-entry link.

This year sign-on will be in the Crumlin Leisure Centre (BT29 4UP) from 9:15.  Sign on will close 30 min before each race with free spaces being allocated to the reserve list.

There will be full changing and showering facilities available as well as refreshments before and after. The sign-on fee is £17 for everyone except juniors who pay £7.  Juniors please note that on entry central, you will have to pay £17 for pre-entry, please make yourself known at sign-on on the day and we will reimburse you the £10 difference.  Entry on the day of the race will be £20/€25.

  • All riders must have the appropriate CI license card or print out from the CI website.
  • No refunds for riders withdrawing will be issued.Course details:
  • The course will be the usual Nutt’s Corner > Seven Mile Straight > Long Rig Rd course  + NEW FINISH section
    **Note this year the finish will be approx 1.7 miles past the start line on the same road (A52).  The race will be run as usual with lap counts and then after passing the start line for the final time, that would have histroically been the finish, the race will continue for 1.7 miles on the same road until reaching the new finsh line. **
    Sign on location Goolge maps 54.618304, -6.213043
    Race start location Goolge Maps 54.639893, -6.083842
    Race NEW Finish Location google maps 54.638592, -6.039003
    There will be five races:
    Women, over 50’s and A4’s starting at 10:45
    A1/A2 combined race and an A3 race starting at 12.30.
    A1/A2 (George Rooney GP)
    This race will be handicapped and will be 6 laps + new finish section, approximately 52 miles overall.
    Start time 12:30pm
    Prizes for top 6
    There will be a separate A3 race over 5 laps + new finish section, approximately 44 miles overall.
    Start time 12:35pm
    Prizes for top 5
    This race will be a scratch race and will be 4 laps + finish section, approximately 36 miles overall.
    Please note this race will start at 10:45.
    Prizes for top 5
    3 laps of the course + new finish section, aprox 27 miles. This race will be run on its own if there are greater than 10 entries. 
    Race start approx 10:50am
    Prizes for top 3 **
    ** If the race has 3 – 10 entrants it will be run within the Masters race with a prize for the first female finisher only. For races with less than 3 entrants, that race will, if permissible, be combined with another race. For example if there is only 2 female entrants for the women’s race then those entrants can enter the Masters race with that race becoming a Masters/women’s race and prizes for top 3 overall finishers only.
    50+ Masters 
    Phoenix is also proud to be promoting this Master race A3, A4 and club license riders who will be 50 or older this calendar year. These riders can choose to ride this race or the A4 or A3 race. The masters’ races are hotly contested with the ealry races proving the most popular. The race will be 4 laps + finish section, approximately 36 miles overall.
    Race start approx 10:50am
         Prizes for top 3 

Travers Engineering GP – Saturday 7th March

On the opening day of the 2020 Irish road racing season, Banbridge CC will once again promote the Travers Engineering Annaclone GP. Taking place on Saturday 7th March, pre-entry is now open and can be accessed here.

Two races will be on offer for competitors; a handicapped race catering for A1, A2 and A3 categories and a mass start A4 & Women’s support race.

The ‘A’ race for A1, 2 & 3’s will be 6 laps of the traditional circuit for a total race distance of approx. 47.5mi / 76.5km.  The ‘B’ race for A4 men and A3/A4 women will cover 5 laps of the same course giving a total distance of approx. 40mi / 64km.  Please note ‘A3’ women have the choice to enter either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ race.  Both races will be restricted to a maximum of 80 riders.

Details of the circuit can be found here.

Entry cost of £15 per adult rider & £10 for Junior riders. 

Generous cash prizes have been reserved for the top 8 finishers, 1st A2 & 1st A3 in the A race and top 6 in the B race which will also have a prize for 1st woman.

For the ‘A’ race we will be reserving 30 places for A1 & A2 category riders for a limited time until midnight Monday 2nd March, or until all 30 places have been filled, after which all places will be open to all category riders (A1, A2 & A3). 

The ‘B’ race will be open to A4 category men and A3/A4 women riders.  Entry for both races will close at midnight on Thursday 5th March.  A reserve list will be operated for both events in the scenario of all places being filled.  Please note refunds will not be available after

Both races will start at mid-day, with a roll out from the Event HQ in Annaclone GAA Club at 11:40am.

A valid Cycling Ireland racing licence is required for all entrants – no exceptions.  Cycling Ireland One day/ Event licences will not be made available for this event.  An Event Manual with further details will be released in due course via banbridgecc.co.uk

Event Director:  Aaron Wallace – aarwallace@gmail.com / +44 (0) 7713 147 968