Cycling Ulster is pleased to announce the continued development of our partnership with the regional hubs sponsor, Phillip McCallen E-Bikes.  

The Lisburn bike shop will work with Cycling Ulster on the various opportunities to expand participation in cycling using electric bikes in the time ahead.  

Cycling Ulster Chairperson Tommy McCague said: 

“We are delighted to be developing a partnership with Phillip McCallen E-Bikes which will provide more opportunities for people access the sport of cycling through electric bikes.  

“I met with Phillip this week along with the Cycling Ulster Membership Development Officer, Gary Lavery to work on matters for the upcoming year and was excited to hear plans for the setting up of a specific ebike club which will be formed under the shop’s name. 

“Phillip has shown a great interest in helping us expand in this area as well as supporting the regional hubs which will be a basis for many of our activities going forward.”