Cycling Ireland have teamed up with Georgina from Platinum Pilates to offer members an exclusive 8-week Pilates programme on the Cycling Ireland Training Hub, designed specifically for cyclists. The first session of the programme will be live on the Training Hub this Friday at 1pm.

Cycling Ireland members get FREE access to the Training Hub. Leisure membership starts at €50 and includes access to the Training Hub. Sign up Today

A Level 4 Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher, Georgina is also an avid cyclist and Ironman athlete.

So whether you’re serious about cycling, or just like a Sunday spin, you can improve your strength, flexibility and comfort on the bike with Georgina’s Pilates for cyclists.

This is an 8 week programme of Pilates classes specifically designed for cyclists, using Pilates techniques to identify and target cyclists’ key muscle groups, which can become tight or weak.

Pilates is a low impact and sustainable form of supportive training that can bridge the gap between your cycling training and everyday life.

It will help to correct postural instabilities caused by cycling, returning the body to its natural state and in many cases improving it.

Pilates focuses on quality of movement, not quantity, and dramatically reduces the chances of injury, something that makes it accessible to all levels of fitness and abilities.Pilates as a cross-training tool for cyclists will…
Build core strength
Strengthen legs
Increase cycling efficiency
Increase flexibility in tight areas
Increase comfort on the bike
Reduce cycling related injuries
Improve your cycling performance
Improve posture and body awareness
Improve balance and control on the bike