madigan        MADIGAN GP OFF

Statement from Team Madigan CC regarding the proposed annual Madigan Grand Prix, scheduled for Saturday 6th August.

Due to circumstances beyond our control Team Madigan CC regrettably announce the cancellation of Madigan Cycles Grand Prix that was due to take place on Saturday 6th August at Kilroot Carrickfergus. This is the first time the club have had to cancel in 28 years. 

Ronnie McKeegan of Madigan Cycles in Carrickfergus who has sponsored the race for all of these years is disappointed by the cancellation but understands fully the difficulties the club is under this year to host it.

Long term Traffic Lights installed at the Bla Hole, Whitehead due to cliff erosion and no safe diversion around it is one problem.

The other problem is a Youth Football Festival at Eden Playing Fields, Beltoy Road where our Race HQ was to be, and it is on the fastest section of the circuit. With parent’s dropping off and picking up children at the Football Festival it is a major hazard for our riders in the four races that were scheduled.

Rider safety is paramount hence the club committee’s decision to reluctantly cancel this year and look forward to running this popular race next year.

Our sincere apologies to everyone.

Davy Ross (Team Madigan Secretary).