Cycling Ulster are looking for Juniors to represent Northern Ireland at theYouth Commonwealth Games

Bahamas July 2017

Northern Ireland Cycling Team Qualification standards

This document outlines the performance standards required for members of the Northern Ireland Cycling Team for the 2017 Commonwealth Games (CWG) in the Bahamas.

Cycling has appointed Gary McKeegan as the Coach/Manager, and Peter Ward as the Assistant Coach/Manager for these Games.

The key objective for the administration of the cycling programme is to assure that the best cyclists achieve nomination to the Commonwealth Games Council for selection to the Commonwealth Games team to represent Northern Ireland in selected cycling disciplines.

 The final selection to the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Team is not made by Cycling Ulster.  

The Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Council will select the team based on nominations and therefore attaining the required performance levels does not guarantee selection.

Any cyclist who feels they meet the criteria should notify in writing the CWG Coach/Manager, Gary McKeegan, to ensure they are kept fully informed of any changes in the criteria.


An up to date copy of this document will be kept on by the CWG Coach/Manager. This can also be available by contacting the CWG Coach/Manager by email 





Full details of eligibility are available from the Commonwealth Games Federation Constitution,  with details in appendix 1 of this document.


The following general conditions apply –

The competitor must have been born in the country that enters him or her.

The competitor must have had one of their two parents born in the country that enters them.

The competitor must be a Commonwealth citizen.

Gary McKeegan and Peter Ward


March 2017.   

XXI Commonwealth Games 2018 

Programme of Cycling events

Male Female
Road Race Road Race
Individual Time Trial Individual Time Trial

See appendix 2 for cycling event schedule.


The objective is the selection of a team that will prepare and perform coherently with the objective of winning medals at the Games whilst broadly fitting within Cycling Ireland`s High-Performance plans.

Selection Criteria

Cyclists will be nominated by demonstrating their ability to compete in specific events and by achieving the required standard.

The selection criteria has been formalised by analysis of the performance results at previous Commonwealth Games and other events.

The qualification period for reaching the required standards will be January 2016 – 30th April 2017.


Meeting any of the qualification standards listed will result in the rider being considered for Commonwealth Games nomination, but is no guarantee of selection, and Northern Ireland will not necessarily enter riders in all events on the programme.

A panel of selectors will assess all eligible athletes after the qualification period.

Events & Disciplines.

Road Race + Time Trial

It is acknowledged that Road Racing is a team event, and the nomination will be based on actual performances in high-level 1-day races. The team will be structured on the specific nature of the event; its characteristics and location.

By the end of the qualification period, riders considered for nomination will have, in order of preference –

Irish & International Events

  • UCI Junior Nation’s Cup events up to and including 30/4/2017. (Top 30 position)[m & f]
  • Cycling Ireland A3/Junior RR events up until and including 30/4/2017 Top 3 position[m]
  • Cycling Ireland National Ladies RR events up until and including 30/4/2017 Top 5 position[f]
  • Other International races up until and including 30th April where a rider is selected as part of a national team [m & f], or Cycling Ulster Events [all m & f]

A Performance shall be determined by a number of factors including but not limited to the following:

  • Race Result taking into account:
  • How the result was achieved
  • The level and depth of competition
  • Ability and desire to perform in the following areas during the race:
  • Tactical ability
  • Technical ability
  • Teamwork – commitment and understanding to perform as part of a team.

ARTICLE 25. Eligibility

  1. Subject to Article 25(2), as a condition of entry to compete in the Commonwealth Games, all competitors must be citizens or subjects of the Commonwealth Country that enters them and must:

(a) not be currently under disqualification or suspension by the Federation, or their respective Affiliated CGA or IF or under the World Anti-Doping Code; 16


(b) comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the Federation, their respective IFs and the World Anti-Doping Code as may be modified and applied by the Federation to ensure that the overriding principles of the Commonwealth Games are observed.

  1. Subject to Article 25(3), where a competitor was born in a Commonwealth Country that has common citizenship/passport with other Commonwealth Countries, the competitor may initially represent either the competitor’s Commonwealth Country of birth; or the Commonwealth Country of birth of his or her father or mother that shares the same citizenship/passport.
  1. After having represented one Commonwealth Country at the Commonwealth Games, a competitor may not represent another Commonwealth Country unless he or she receives the approval of the Federation, the relevant IF and the Affiliated CGAs of the two Commonwealth Countries concerned. Applications under this article must be submitted to the Executive Board at least 12 months prior to the commencement of the Games.
  1. It is the responsibility of all Affiliated CGAs to ensure that their competitors are fully aware of and comply with the eligibility rules of the Federation. 5. The Executive Board shall have the power to waive the provisions of Articles 25 (1-3) in its discretion.

Appendix 2.  

Cycling Schedule for Bahamas 2017 – TBC

Appendix 3. Appeals.

A copy of the Appeals process is available on request.