The Cycling Ulster Executive held an extensive and beneficial workshop last weekend to finalise plans for the forthcoming year and work towards the long term development of the sport.  

As well as reviewing and updating various policies and confirming roles for Executive Officers, the Cycling Ulster Commissions had their programmes for 2022 agreed.  

While the activities of the commissions (BMX, Road, Off-Road, Track, Women and Youth) have been limited due to Covid-19 for the past two years, it is hoped that this year’s plans will be able to proceed in full.  

There have been exciting developments recently including the installation of several of new regional cycling hubs, some of which are now operational and will be able to be utilised by the commissions and clubs going forward.  

The establishment of a Leisure Commission is also in progress and this will enable a stronger focus to be brought to all parts of this aspect sport.  

Further announcements including the annual programmes of the commissions will be made in the near future.  

An outline of the Executive Officers and their respective roles and responsibilities can be seen below.  


Tommy McCague (Finance, Sponsorship, Events and Facilities)


Claire Young (Vice Chair, Women’s Commission Chair, Coach Education and Programmes) 


Marian Lamb (Off-Road Commission Rep, PR and Governance) 

Safeguarding Officer 

Julie Rea (Women’s Commission Rep, Road Commission Rep and Commonwealth Games) 

Executive Officer 

Joanna Gray  (Leisure Rep, Safety, Finance and Mary Peters Trust) 

Executive Officer 

Paul Sanders (BMX Commission Rep, Governance and Finance) 

Executive Officer 

James McLaughlin  (Youth Commission Rep, Sponsorship, Events and Facilities) 

Executive Officer 

Tommy Lamb (Track Commission Rep and PR)