Cycling Ulster have raised our concerns in relation to the current condition of the roads in the province in writing with the Department for Infrastructure.

Cycling Ulster Vice Chairman, Tommy McCague said:

“Cycling Ulster have written to the Permanent Secretary for the Department for Infrastructure to raise our concerns about the current state of the roads and the increased danger that the ongoing deterioration of the roads causes for all road users.

“As representatives of over 8000 members, the Cycling Ulster Executive felt it was important that we highlight the deterioration of the condition of the roads, particularly in recent months. We feel that this is an issue that requires more urgent attention from the Department for Infrastructure than currently exists.

“We stressed that with an increase in potholes for example, there is also an increase in the danger faced by road cyclists as they are forced to manoeuvre around these to avoid going into them, this in turn can mean late movements from their original path which can cause difficulties for passing motorists. This has the possibility of causing further accidents and  this is something we have raised with the Department in our letter.”

You can report your concerns about a pothole online by going to