The Cycling Ulster Executive have set out the direction in which they wish to see the organisation develop in 2018 following internal workshops and meetings held on the 17th and 18th February.

The strategy for the year ahead will be based around our new vision and mission statements. As the governing body responsible for the various aspects of the sport, the vision has been declared as one in which ‘Cycling Ulster is developing, promoting and governing the sport for all.’

The overarching goals have been set out in our mission statement, ‘Cycling Ulster has a mission to support and develop cyclists of all ages, disciplines and abilities, to grow membership and clubs and to advocate for safer cycling, better facilities and improved infrastructure.’

Cycling Ulster have identified key pillars which will be continued to be worked on to meet the strategy for this coming year.

The area of performance and development is an area which is underpinned by the strengthening of the cyclist pathway. A dedicated resource is now in place to support the progress of the pathway through the position of the Membership Development Officer whose role is to work with clubs to increase participation by recruiting new coaches and instructors of the various Cycling Ireland programmes.

The performance aspect of this area is being encouraged through supporting the commissions who continue to provide aspiring riders with the opportunity to compete in high level events as part of the Cycling Ulster team with an emphasis on international level events. The backing has been increased through the purchase of vehicles to support riders at events.

Governance matters for Cycling Ulster has been targeted for the year ahead as well. The new position of a Compliance Officer within the organisation enables a strong focus to be placed on modernising policies, creating greater efficiency and effective governance structures.

Last year the executive appointed representatives to the various commissions to provide a link and improve governance, this will continue for 2018 with new appointments made over the past weekend.

Enhancing opportunities for leisure members is a further goal and is being done in collaboration with the new Cycling Ireland Leisure Commission with a member of the Cycling Ulster Executive also forming part of this national group.

The area of advocacy will continue to be a focus for Cycling Ulster, aiming to build upon such initiatives as the Cycling Ulster-PSNI road safety campaign from 2017 as well as lobbying for greater investment in facilities and infrastructure for the sport.

Greater publicity of the activities and representatives of Cycling Ulster is a further aim through more effective use of the website and social media.

All elected officers of the Executive have taken on key roles to help in the furtherance of Cycling Ulster’s objectives as outlined below.

Chairman: Maurice McAllster (Email – / Mob – 07707088396)

Secretary & Finance Officer: Carl Fullerton (Email –

Treasurer Officer: Oliver Hunter (Email –

Safeguarding Officer & Vice Treasurer: Marian Lamb (Email – / Mob – 07920132135)

Vice Chairman & Finance Officer: Tommy McCague (Email –

Leisure and Advocacy: Mark Moroney (Email –

Ass Secretary & Executive Communications Officer: Tommy Lamb (Email – / Mob : 07711216664)

In addition to these positions all officers will act as Executive Reps for each of the commissions with the chairman as ex-officia member of all commissions.

Oliver Hunter is Asst. Youth Commission Rep, Marian Lamb, Women’s Commission Rep and Off-Road Commission Rep, Tommy McCague as Road Commission Rep and Youth Commission Rep, Tommy Lamb as BMX Commission Rep. Mark Moroney assigned to the roles of Track Commission Rep and officer in charge of dealing with the Mary Peter’s Awards.

The posts of Compliance Officer and Membership Development Officer are filled by Patrick Withers and Gary Lavery respectively.

Patrick Withers (Email –

Gary Lavery (Email –