The Cycling Ulster Youth Academy are seeking to gauge interest in a follow up to their series of Zwift training sessions run by Stephen Gallagher of Dig Deep Coaching.

The proposal for the format for the second phase of the virtual academy is that it will be broken into two sections.

Section 1: Focused on the U14/U16 age groups and this will be a training and physical development centred session. The aim of this is to use strategic training sessions to build specific areas of performance. Aim is to do x1 per week

Section 2: This is aimed at the U12 age group where training is done to a lower intensity and moderated to their ability. Aim is to do x1 per week.

While the complete cost of the first phase of the Zwift sessions was covered by CUYA/CU, for the second phase the CUYA are asking parents to contribute £15.00 per rider towards the training program.

Anyone who participated in the first phase will receive an email with all the information.

For those interested in participating in this or who want to follow up with any questions, please contact Peter Brown,