Womens Cycling Ulster Commission will once again be running a road race league in 2019, once again kindly sponsored by Powerhouse Sport and Bicycle Coffee Shop. The events are:

Phoenix GP – 3rd March
John Haldane – 10th March
McCann Cup – 24th March
Killinchy GP – 30th March
Ernie Magwood TT – 7th April
Emyvale GP – 19th May
Ernie Magwood TT – 2nd June
Billy Stewart – 11th August

Rules and regulations for the league:
1) Best 5 road race results and best TT result count towards overall position in league
2) League open to W2 and W3 ranked riders
3) W1 able to compete in races but results don’t count towards the League
4) Last round, Billy Stewart, will be worth double points
5) 15 points for 1st down to 6 points for 10th place, 5 points given for signing on and starting the race
6) League leader must wear leaders jersey
7) Both Ernie Magwood TT rounds must be ridden on road bikes

We would like to urge ALL riders to pre-register for races. If 10 or more riders do not pre-register then race won’t be run.

For any queries please contact joshmurraylfc@gmail.com