As many members will be aware Cycling Ulster, Cycling Ireland and the PSNI meet on an annual basis to review cycle event scheduling, safety and management and any general road safety issues which have the potential to affect cyclists. Following a recent mid-year review a number of recommendations with regards to added event safety were agreed to by all, with a view to implementation for the 2019 season. It’s recognised that the roads are becoming increasingly busier with general traffic and so there was much emphasis on the importance of informing and advising traffic when a cycle event is taking place.


A standard ‘cycle event’ caution sign was agreed which should be used by event promoters as their primary signage for warning traffic. It is appreciated that event promoters will have already invested in existing signage and it is agreed that this can still be used to supplement the new signs.

The new signs will need to meet the agreed specification as advised by the PSNI, detail of which will be issued to Cycling Ulster clubs and promotion groups, along with guidance on placement and usage.

For events that are hosted on or take place on a dual carriageway the use of roadside electronic VMS signs at each end of the carriageway will be expected.


Cycling Ulster and Cycling Ireland are currently liaising with suppliers to ensure best value is available to our clubs and promoters when sourcing the required signage. Details of approximate costs will be advised by Cycling Ulster at the earliest opportunity to assist clubs with budgeting for events in 2019.


In addition to required signage the PSNI have agreed to review, via their Traffic Management Officers (TMO’s), event Risk Assessment including signage placement for all cycle courses to be used. It is envisaged that all regular courses for cycle events will be reviewed, so this is a project that is likely to run over a lengthy duration.


Training for those in charge of vehicles at cycle events is also being explored, with Cycling Ireland already in communication with the UCI in relation to similar driver training being rolled out internationally. National event marshal training is something that Cycling Ireland is also currently drafting and is expected to be released in the coming months.


A Cycling Ulster working group is being formed to assist with driving forward the above changes and liaise with the PSNI on a more regular basis to review cycle event safety and management. If you feel you would add value and contribute to the working group please contact Patrick Withers via


If you have any immediate queries or comments regarding cycle events please contact either the Cycling Ireland Events Officer, Garry Nugent (, or the Cycling Ulster Technical Officer, Aaron Wallace (