Cycling Ulster Chairman, Tommy McCague has called on all members to ensure they are acting in the public interest over the Easter weekend and comply with the public health guidelines.

The CU representative said:

“I want to thank the large majority of the cycling community who have complied with the exercise restrictions to date however there is still a tiny minority who appear to be ignoring the regulations and are putting peoples health and lives at risk.

“I want to again appeal to all of our members to please ensure you are following the regulations that have been set out for the benefit of everyone.

“Easter is normally a fantastic weekend for cyclists either enjoying the extra time off work to get out with your club mates or participating in the numerous stage races throughout the country.

“This Easter however we must abide by the regulations.

“The priority right now is to do what it takes to protect the lives of our family members and our friends. We have many Cycling Ulster members who are serving on the frontline in this pandemic and I would urge everyone to think of them.

“Strict adherence to these rules at this time will mean we can get back to our usual cycling activities quicker.

“Remember that if you are going out on your bikes, you have to do it by yourself or with a member of your household and in Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan you must also stay within 2 kilometres of your home.

“I would encourage our members and clubs to embrace alternatives, indoor training and the world of virtual cycling is a great option at this time.”