Next week the 12th- 18th Nov is Anti- Bullying Week in the Northern Ireland and many children will be receiving messages about the dangers and impact of bullying in schools. But peer bullying remains the number one concern expressed by young people in sports settings and therefore important that your cycling club demonstrates its commitment to end bullying behaviour.

The NSPCC have created several infographics such as that below which you could consider using along with simple messages for example;
“Cycling Club Name are committed to ending #bullying in sport show #RESPECT #ABW18”
“Show #RESPECT and inclusion for all in #sport there is no place for bullying in CYCLING #ABW18”

Below are some links to Anti-bullying resources;

Wear Yellow 4 RESPECT’ activity of the campaign. Basically asking people to wear something yellow and share a selfie to promote the message of #RESPECT. You can get more information on it here:

Anti-bullying message
5 activities for sports coaches to use in 20 min exercises;
General guidance including sample anti-bullying policy
Homophobic bullying in sport briefing;
Free webinar for spots organisations Empowering young people to speak out about bullying 16th Nov 2017

NSPCC have anti-bullying advice directed at children on the Childline web site;