Next week (11th-17th November) is Anti-Bullying week and as bullying behaviour is the main worry that young people have said concerns them within sport. It is therefore important that clubs raise awareness about what you do to end bullying behaviour within sport.

The focus of Anti-Bullying Week 2019 is on the theme ‘Change Starts With Us.’

Below are some links to resources on the CPSU web site for your clubs use.

Tackling bullying in sport – There are a number of things that cycling clubs can do to address bullying behaviour, such as developing codes of conduct and an Anti-Bullying policy

Homophobic bullying in youth sport – the briefing offers advice on tackling bullying behaviour towards LGBT young people

Anti-bullying activities – a number of different 20 min activities to help coaches/volunteers approach the topic of bullying behaviour with children and young people 

The Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forumdefines bullying as usually repeated behaviour that intentionally hurts, harms or adversely affects the rights and needs of another or others”.