Cycling Ulster it pleased to announce that Executive Officer Jule Rea has been added as a counter signatory for AccessNI. She replaces Brigid O’Dea who will no longer be processing applications. Julie joins Marian Lamb in helping to promote good practice in clubs with youth members and facilitating processing AccessNI Applications.

All those wishing to apply for or renew their certificates from AccessNI must apply for an Enhanced Check through a Registered Body. You will then be asked for the Pin number and at this point you can insert 864278 for Marian Lamb or 155028 for Julie Rea.

before we can move your application through the system we must validate your ID. This can be done by either Julie Rea or Marian Lamb in person or by your Club Chair or Safeguarding Officer. There is a specific list of acceptable data which can be downloaded at Access ID Validation Form

Please Note: AccessNI now insists that copies of ID shown must be kept for a period of 90 days.

For full instructions on how to apply please click on the Safeguarding Button at the top of the page.