The Cycling Ulster AGM took place on Saturday 2nd November in O’Neill’s Arms Hotel, Toome.

The CU Executive provided an overview of the year which was followed by reports of the CU Commissions on their activities during 2019.

Claire Young was elected as Secretary while Dylan Lyness and Tommy Lamb were elected to serve as Executive Officers.

There was a unanimous vote to set the CU Membership Levy at £10 per senior member.

Speaking after the AGM, CU Chair, Tommy McCague said:

“Cycling Ulster has had positive developments in several areas during 2019 and the AGM was a good opportunity to provide members with an outline on what has been happening as well as our plans for next year.

“I am grateful to all the delegates who attended the AGM as well as the representatives of Cycling Ireland, Ciaran McKenna, Ronan McLaughlin and Matt McKerrow for their continued support of Cycling Ulster.

“I particularly want to thank the outgoing Cycling Ulster Executive members, Maurice McAllister and Carl Fullerton.

“Maurice’s time on the Executive has included serving as Chair, which was just one of his many roles in the sport. Maurice will now have more time to devote to his other positions.

“Carl has also been a diligent member of the Executive over the past three years. I wish them both the best for the future.

“I also want to congratulate the new members of the Executive, Claire Young and Dylan Lyness and look forward to working with them, the rest of the Executive, the Commissions and the clubs to develop Cycling Ulster further over the next year.”

The AGM booklet containing all of the reports can be seen by clicking here

Cycling Ulster Executive following 2019 AGM

Tommy McCague (Chair)

Julie Rea (Vice Chair)

Claire Young (Secretary)

Tommy Lamb (Assistant Secretary)

Oliver Hunter (Treasurer)

Marian Lamb (Lead Safeguarding Officer / Vice Treasurer)

Dylan Lyness (Executive Officer)

Mark Moroney (Executive Officer)